Action working in local, not working once deployed


I have a form (new/create) which works well in local, but not when
deployed where it keeps being redirected to the index action when I
Here is what I have done so far :

  • de-Ajaxified the form to be pure HTML

  • put a on the first line of the create action and
    realised I did not pass through the action

  • I have suppressed all the before_filter actions for this controller
    and the application.rb

  • the logs (log_level :debug) do not show a lot : the new action is
    followed by an index action in the deployed app (the new is followed
    by create [post] in local)

  • I have looked at firebug traces and in the deployed environment I
    POST buildings with a 301 moved permanently
    followed by GET buildings
    where in local I have
    POST Buildings with a 200 ok

  • With that I have suspected a problem with Restful_authentication,
    because this is the only thing left that can cause this redirection,
    but I can’t understand why and I don’t know what can I do to diagnose

  • Could it be a problem with the sessions (cookie based) ? I have
    tried with database stored session but it is the same.

  • I thought of a reserved word problem but the controller is called
    buildings, and fields names are not reserved words


  • I have also tested the deployed app on a computer which I never used
    before for the app and the problem was the same.
  • I have done my deployment with webistrano/capistrano 1.4 on an
    environment called “integration”, I have tried with an ftp deployment,
    but it is the same
  • I use a freezed version of rails 2.1.0 (installed ruby is 1.8.6),
    gems are UUID, Will_paginate and Macaddr
  • I can create a user, log in and if I inject data directly in through
    SQL and phpMyAdmin, the other creation form (not building form) seems
    to work.
  • I have checked the .htaccess and dispactch.fcgi

Any help to diagnose would be greatly appreciated because I am stuck
with that and I don’t know what can I do.


Hello, this is very strange if in my view I replace the ‘create’
action by another name, it works (i have also modified the controller
with the same action name of course) !!!
<% form_for :building, :url => {:action => ‘created’, :controller =>
‘buildings’} do |f| -%>

More information
In my original view I had :
<% form_for :building, :url => buildings_path do |f| -%> #
The create action worked well locally but not on the server

I tested with :
<% form_for :building, :url => {:action => ‘create’, :controller =>
‘buildings’} do |f| -%> # I had stil the same problem

But changing the action name like that
<% form_for :building, :url => {:action => ‘created’, :controller =>
‘buildings’} do |f| -%> # IT WORKS !!! !!! (of course I have also
changed the action name in the controller)

If someone can explain me, I have spent my weekend trying to find what
was wrong !!!