Action variables not available in views with Ajax

The title pretty much describes my problem.

I have a standard Ajax call to an action the updates a portion of my
However, variables set inside the action are not available in my view.
fact, NOTHING that happens in my action seems to affect my view. Calling
render :layout => false still gives me the flipping layout.

However, I know the Ajax call itself is working because I can do
whatever I
want in my view.

Any ideas?

  • Rabbit

Ah ha! The culprit was the method name: “load”

I knew the Ajax portion was working fine - I could see the proper
coming through Webrick - so I decided to start a brand new application
make the simplest thing that could possibly work.

And sure enough, it did work. It was on a whim that I tried changing the
method name in my real application. Lucky me. :slight_smile:

Anyway, hopefully my folly will save others the hassle! Do not use
as a method name! (At least not with Ajax.)

  • Rabbit

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