Action profiling


I am currently in my benchmarking cycle. I already use rawk to spot the
action that take the most time and could be worked on a little bit.

But inside each action, which profiling tool do you use? I watched Ryan
Bates screencast about script/performance/request, but the info spit out
is not very friendly and most of it is irrelevant garbage.

Is there a good tool to work with? Does someone use FiveRun’s TuneUp?

So I gave TuneUp a try, but I quickly reached its limits. Most of the
time, it cannot track which step is sucking all the time in my action,
so it’s not very helpful, but the idea is very good and integration is

Hmmm, I wanted to try out script/performance/request. Although I have
installed the gem ruby-prof, it keeps asking me to install it. Anyone
run into this issue?

The problem is: the only package available is ruby-prof 0.6.0, but Rails
2.1.1 requires 0.6.1 not yet packaged.

The solution: download the source from github, then build the gem
manually and install it.

Have fun :slight_smile:

Nobody does any profiling at all of their apps? Os there a so obvious
tool for that which I am not aware of?

script/performance/request outputs result which is too verbose and has
lots of irrelevant data.

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