Action Controller: Exception caught

I seem to be having a problem getting my RoR all setup with MySQL
I am developing on Windows XP. Installed MySQL 5.0 and it seems to be
working and have already fixed an issue with my password in the
database.yml file.

I have tried creating a controller like this:
class BlogController < ApplicationController
scaffold :post

and a model like this:
class Post < ActiveRecord::Base

and have created the database in MySQL and created a table like so:
drop table if exists posts;
create table posts (
id int not null auto_increment primary key,
title varchar(255) not null,
created_at datetime,
body text

Then when I go to localhost:3000 after starting my mongrel server I get
this page:
Errno::EBADF in BlogController#index

Bad file descriptor - connect(2)

RAILS_ROOT: C:/dev/blog/config/…

I can post the full trace if it will help. Anyone have any ideas what I
am doing wrong? I basically am just trying to see some scaffolding.
Thank you so much.

The Bad File Descriptor error typically means an IP port is already in
use by another app. Open a command window and run ‘netstat -a’ for a
list of the apps / ports in use.

On common situation we’ve seen in the past is where folks have installed
MySQL seperately, then downloaded and installed Instant Rails which
comes packaged with its own copy of MySQL. If that’s your situation, you
just need to shut down the other copy before starting Instant Rails.

If that’s not it, the netstat utility will tell you where the problem is
and you’ll just need to start WeBrick and / or MySQL on ports not
already in use. BTW, a lot of us have switched to using Mongrel over
WeBrick (> mongrel_rails start). It’s also packaged with both Instant
Rails and Rails.