Account for ruby-gnome Wiki


Back at the time when I decided to go with ruby-gtk/gnome (which I never
regretted) one of the most important factor in my decision was:

The great Wiki of ruby-gnome2

It has helped me countless times, and I think all other ruby-toolkits
should prodive such a decent wiki too. However, in some areas, the
quality could be a bit improved, and some things are simply missing.

One example, at page
I do not see the “rotate” Method (which seems to rotate an image by

But I am sure that it exists, because there is code that uses something
like this:


And it works for me too.

In addition, searching the wiki for the constant above,
ROTATE_COUNTERCLOCKWISE does not yield any result.

I understand that the developers are busy and I do not
at all demand that they need to add it :slight_smile:

My question is simply, whether I could add small sections like this, and
if yes, how to do so technically. I think Kouhei S. once wrote about
and encouraged people to participate.

I could probably google the C Gtk docs for reference and also look
at the python docs for this, and try to help out.

But I think I need an account+password for the wiki.

My email address is [email protected]

Thanks for reading