Accessing the value chosen in a dropdown menu

I have an array of frame colors called @frame_color and I created a
dropdown menu that triggers a remote_function when the value is changed.
The problem is that I can’t seem to figure out how to pass the value of
the selected string from the dropdown menu.

this is the code I have:

<%= select_tag(:frame_color, options_for_select(@frame_color), :onchange
=> remote_function(:update => “middle_sub_right”, :url => {:action =>
‘print_change’, :color => params[:frame_color], :id => @prints, :photo
=> @photo}))%>

all I need is for this to happen; if someone picks brown from the
dropdown menu then brown will be passed to :color =>

thanks for any help.

On 6/28/07, James [email protected] wrote:

=> @photo}))%>
(You should be asking on the Rails list. Rails != Ruby)

Anyway, that won’t work, because params[:frame_color] is being
evaluated as the view is being rendered.

Use observe_field() for this; it handles passing the value to the
remote function for you.