Accessing the model class from within an rspec-rails spec

Hi everybody,

New to the list, so apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, but
I didn’t find it. I’m trying to build up a plugin of useful rspec
macros for rails development, eg. things like:

it_should_redirect_to { some_url }

I’m basing my ideas off of some stuff technoweenie has done, as well
as a few others.

One thing I’d love to do is be able to figure out the model class in a
rails model spec, so I can do something like:

describe User do
it_should_validate_presence_of :name

I can get it working if I pass in User as an argument:

describe User do
it_should_validate_presence_of User, :name

but that feels redundant. Is there a way to access the class itself
that I’m missing? On the controller spec side, I see there is
controller_class_name, but that needs to be set with the
controller_name method. I could go for something like that if
required, but somehow it seems like it would be overkill.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!


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