Accessing SQL Server named instance

I apologize in advance for posting a Rails question in the general
Ruby news group, but here goes. Does anyone know of a way I can
configure my Rails app to access a SQL Server named instance? My
version of Rails is a couple of years old (ActiveRecord v1.10.0 if
that means anything). I am using ADO and when I refer to the SQL
Server named instance as SERVERNAME\INSTANCE the app errors out that
it cannot connect. The app was previously hosted on anothe server that
used the default instance. No problems then. I had googled a posting
on another board where someone had similar issues. But no follow-up as
to if it was fixable.

Anyone know?

2007/10/25, gregarican [email protected]:

Anyone know?

Unfortunately no Rails experience here, but: you did make sure the
port on the DB server is reachable from your Rails machine?

Kind regards