Accessing protected variables from parent class in Jruby

I had posted this on StackOverflow, but it got lost.

I’m trying to get at the protected variables that are defined in the
class I have inherited from.

Is this possible? I can’t find any documentation saying it is. I’ve seen
tickets that have been closed on earlier versions of JRuby.

Any help would be great.

To clarify

public class Something {

protected float somethingelse = 1.0f;


I want to get at somethingelse from the class that inherits from


You can re-open the class that has the field:

class Something
field_reader :somethingelse

There is also field_accessor and field_writer. These methods depend
on setAccessible having permission which means in applet or other
restricted environments it may not work. Thankfully, those
environments are the exception and not the rule.


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