Accessing dll files from rails application

Could anybody please suggest ways to access dll files from a rails

Thanks in advance

In what sense do you want to access the dll, and are we talking here
side or server side?

2009/5/8 Sijo Kg [email protected]

Colin L. wrote:

In what sense do you want to access the dll, and are we talking here
side or server side?

I would hope the OP is interested in accessing a dll on the server-side.
I would hope that would not be possible to do client-side. That would be
mean there would have to be a very bad security hole in the client’s web

Assuming it’s happening server-side, the OP’s author should realize that
do this would render the open, and cross-platform nature of Ruby on
Rails moot, effectively binding his application to run on Microsoft
Windows only.

It is, however, common to embed native C code in Ruby applications. This
happens a lot with Gems. Do this requires compilation for the hardware
running the Ruby application. This would, of course, require having the
source code used to create the dll available.

In my opinion it would be much better to create a web service that
exposes a REST API. That API could then be used to integrate the
functionality of the dll with the Rails application. This would decouple
the two system and allow the Rails application to run on any hardware
and access the web service that depends on the dll.

Thanks for the alternative approcah But I would like to know how can
I access a dll from rails?(Suppose from server side)


You might be better asking this question on a ruby forum rather than

I would also suggest trying google first. A search for ‘ruby call dll’
provides a number of links that may be useful. For example


2009/5/9 Sijo Kg [email protected]

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