Access library from model

I have a custom library in lib that handles remote authentication to
external auth system via soap. All works well from the controller.
However, I feel all this logic should be moved to the model but I dont
know how to invoke a method in a library Module from a model. Is this
possible? Last resort is to move this logic into the controller, but
just seems to break MVC



Authentication generally isn’t a domain responsibility. Thus, I
wouldn’t put something like that in a model. Also, the authentication
logic itself probably doesn’t belong in the controller. Rather, the
controller can invoke a method on the lib to authenticate the user. If
this is what you’re doing already, what’s bothering you about it?


I guess more because I am used to the authenticate methods being in the
model with restful_authentication , etc.
Currently using a lib file loaded into a controller and calling a method
from there, so I guess we are OK. Felt strange for some reason.


On Thu, Jun 5, 2008 at 10:37 PM, Craig D.
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