Access input field id inside erb code

This is the simplified code :

<%= link_to ’ Search ', :action => ‘show_activity’, :name => ???%>

I would like to pass the name as a parameter to my action. The name
should be the value of the input field with id ‘activity_lookup’.
I did not find a solution on how to do this :s
include javascript ? javascipt_tag ? (tried this, but did not do the job
… )

As you will guess : I am using this bit of code for an auto complete
field (example from the rails recipes book)

Is there a nice way to do this ?
Am I looking in the wrong direction and is it much easier ?

Thx for your help.

Hi Dieter,

this is working for me:

<%= link_to ‘Search’, {:action => ‘show_activity’, :name => ‘Dieter’ }

Note: Check how to pass arguments to “link_to” in
In your case it’s take name as the html_options so it will rendered as
an attribute of tag like this

I guess this answers your question.

On Aug 24, 5:11 am, Dieter D’haeyere <rails-mailing-l…@andreas-

<%= link_to ‘Search’, {:action => ‘show_activity’, :name => ‘Dieter’ }

this was not what I meant.
I want to pass the value of the input field with id “activity_lookup”
Whay you are saying is something very static.

I was thinking in the direction of :
:name => javascript_tag(‘document.elementById(“activity_lookup”).value’)

But that doesn’t work.

The ‘name’ I want to pass is the value of the input field …