Hello, I’m having troubles with accents in words I retrieve from

What I expect is ‘Retención’ but what I get is ‘Retenci?n’. When I
retrieve that info with a Java app it
works fine. Is there any solution?

What database are you storing these strings in and in what encoding?
Also, how are you displaying strings with the accents? Make sure your
view is setting the content-type of the page properly via the meta tag.

This is probably a good place to look:

Peak Obsession

You can ignore the gettext parts if you’re not going to translate your
app, the first part is concerned with making non-English characters
display properly which is what you want.

Well, I asked to our db admin and she told me we use

name = iso_1
description = “ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1) - Western European 8-bit character

on Sybase 12.5.

After reading the article you said me I didn’t get it to work. No
different results :(.

Thanks Eden, I’m going to have a look on this.