Absolute Beginner -- having much trouble getting started


I’ve been trying to get this working for a good amount of time and with
how simple its supposed to be I am feeling slightly overwhelmed.

I am using win XP sp3 and trying to get ruby and rails installed. And
am trying to use NetBeans 6.5 as an IDE to write code in.

So I have ruby installed – but everytime I try to install rails

gem install rails --include-dependencies
it says:
http://gems.rubyforge.org/ does not appear to be a repository

and if I do gem update
it says:
ERROR: http://gems.rubyforge.org/ does not appear to be a repository
while executing gem … (Gem::RemoteFetcher::FetchError)
Errno::ECONNREFUSED: No connection could be made because the target
machine actively refused it - connect(2) (http://rubyforge.org/yaml)

I’ve found a couple places that have mentioned that the address the
command looks at goes down every once and a while and I should check
back later.

But to make a long story short I am getting pretty frustrated just
trying to get everything installed and working in something that pretty
much every guide I’ve read says should be easier than breathing. I’m
sure I’m doing something wrong.

Any help would greatly appreciated.

I should mention that I’ve been battling getting this running, part time
for a couple of weeks. I uninstalled everything I had earlier today
thinking that I had messed something up earlier in setting everything

So I uninstalled and reinstalled everything and as soon as I had ruby
186-26 installed again I couldn’t get rails to install through the winds
cmd window.

Thanks again.

Well don’t know what to say.

I restarted my computer again. And the command worked.


Garrett, have a read of
http://guides.rails.info/getting_started_with_rails.html. That should
you a lot.

Hello Garrett,

You might also check this out:



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