About timer?

hi, I have problem about timer that I want to use with Wxruby.
I want to add ‘a’ in the text every 1 second.
and this’s my code


for i in 0…20

search = search+"a"

@timer = Timer.new(self,102)
evt_timer(102) { |event| on_timer(search)}

def on_timer(search)
   search = search+"a"
   return search


It show me ‘aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa’ without show ‘a’ every 1 second. How
can I do it??

:slight_smile: i think putting it out of the 0…20 loop might help.

I do it now thank you! but I use @timer.start(1000) it do in less than 1
second?? how can I make it in every 1 second??

I try to put out of loop and then it show ‘aa’.

First ‘a’ from
search = search+“a”

and second ‘a’ from method on_timer.

I want it to show ‘a’ in 20 time. what should I do :’(