About TDMA protocol with Gnuradio and Click


Hi Gesly:

I am the student of Rutgers and now I try to do some TDMA MAC protocol
Gnuradio and Click. After researching the Gnuradio mailling list, I
that u have already done this protocol to work. So, I wonder that if I
ask u some questions:

  1. How to make the interface between Click and Gnuradio?
  2. How does Click router control the PHY written by Gnuradio?

I appreciate ur help! Thanks in advance!!

KC Huang


On Tue, Jul 24, 2007 at 05:10:10PM -0400, KC Huang wrote:

I appreciate ur help! Thanks in advance!!

KC Huang

I’m not Gesly, but I can provide some suggestions :wink:

When the USRP inband-signaling code is complete, you’ll be able to
easily control the USRP using a packet based interface. The exact
interface is still to be worked out, but in general you’ll be able to
specify your frame payload and an arbitrary amount of “metadata” that
describes how and when you want your frame modulated and transmitted.
There will be a similar interface in the receive direction.

You should run GNU Radio and Click in separate processes. We’ll
provide some kind of IPC to glue them together. E.g., mblock messages
sent over UNIX domain sockets.

Work is underway right now on the USRP inband signaling code.
It involves both FPGA and host work.