About stream/vector and trellis_encoder


I’m facing 2 problemes :

  • I’m trying to design a flow graph that creat a transmission frame from
    input file.
    The frame must be like this :
    [ (sync bytes x80)(data bytes x32)(0x16)(data bytes x32)(0x16)(data
    x32)(0x16)(data bytes x32) ]
    My idea is to use vector/stream converters, to divide my input file into
    32 bytes long packet, then concatenate the appropriate bytes to my
    I did not find any function to concatenate vectors. Is there one?
    I’m not really sure, that I understood the differences between vectors
    stream. Could some one explain them to me?

  • My second problem is about trellis_encoder :
    From what I know about convolutional encoder, this bloc should take as
    parameters : 2 polynoms, and an initialisation sentence. It seems that
    first argument of trellis_encoder, must describe the two polynoms. How
    should it be formatted?

Thanks for reading me