About RDS and FM transmission

Hi people,
I’m a volunteer of a free radio here in my city (Campinas), and looking
CGRAN I found a RDS receiver/transmiter:

Can I modulate only the RDS data using this gnuradio software and then,
inside the FM transmitter, between the exciter and the power amp mix the
RDS signal together w/ the FM signal?
They have to be at the same power level to be mixed, right?

Do anyone have any experience w/ that?
What daughterboad to use (FM band)?

Thanks in advance,
Rafael D.

Hi Rafael, I’m the current developer of GR-RDS.

The RDS signal has to be mixed with the mono, pilot tone and stereo
BEFORE fm modulation.

Also, be aware that the transmit path is not working yet, I’m debugging
when I have some spare time to fix it. Any help is welcome.

You should use the BasicTX daughterboard.

Dimitris S.
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mosquito!” - Amnesty International

Thanks Dimitris!
I’ll run your code w/ my USRP, but I don’t have enough knowledge to fix
Please let me known when you finish the transmit path - I think there is
no free radio in Brazil doing RDS.

Rafael D.