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My wiki is about wine.

I have a table that lists items with description, provenance,
manufacturer and a lot of other informations.

Many items have been produced over several years, with minor detail changes. Instinctively, I was about to go for a relational table with a unique key for year/item_id. This table would also contain the additional description for that particular year. From an experienced eye, does it seem the right choice?

Since its a wiki, I am planning to use versions for my items. Do you think this approach is then suited?

Manufacturers and provenance will have their own editable pages, the same way the items have, with a lot of common fields (name, description, tagsā€¦). Is single inheritance model ok here?

If this is the case, I have to embed provenance within a tree (act_as_tree), so that if a user picks New York City, for instance, it will automatically generate USA > NY > NYC. Would It be more efficient to have a separate table to browse the tree, and a matching row within the main table for editing that tag?

All of this is a bit confusing, but i hope it was clear enough for your
answers. Many thanks

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