About JRUBY-5675

I’m just looking the JRUBY-5675

The problem seems coming from the word “Generator”.
Since I change the name from “Generator” to “Generatox”, it works fine.
And I switch the module order from Generator::Literal to
it works fine also.

I am looking around the JRuby code.
But it seems difficult (and time consuming) issue for me.

Atsushi SAKAI

As one more step, I found another(?) bug.
“Generator” makes some problem.
Of course, ruby 1.8/1.9 and jruby 1.8 works fine.
jruby 1.9 generates following error
This is because “Object” has a “Generator” already,
and the “Generator” is a class not module

==Error message
TypeError: Generator is not a module
(root) at xxxxxxxxxxxx\jruby-5675-simple.rb:1

===trial code==
module Generator
module Literal

p Generator::Literal

Atsushi SAKAI

On Thu, 1 Mar 2012 21:41:04 +0900
Atsushi SAKAI [email protected] wrote:

But it seems difficult (and time consuming) issue for me.

Atsushi SAKAI [email protected]

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