About 'init_master'

I’m a module developer, I found nginx start process is:

  1. blahblahblah
  2. listen
  3. invoke ‘init_module’
  4. register signal handler
  5. fork master.
  6. master setsid()
  7. master getpid() and write to nginx.pid
  8. master mainloop()

Now I want do sth in ‘init_master’, but it seems that nginx do not
implement init_master hook in 0.6.x & 0.7.x,

and the prototype definition in ngx_conf_file.h is ‘ngx_int_t
(*init_master)(ngx_log_t *log);’, but other hook functions’s argument
is ‘ngx_cycle_t *cycle’

How to do ‘init_master’?

Sorry for my pool english