About getting webservice from other website

I have a webservice offered by a website to be integrated for my
website.They ask me to follow three steps to finish integrating.These
steps are:

  1. Create an HTTP connection.
  2. Send request parameters via POST method.
  3. Parse XML-formatted response string.

The request parameters are something like following:
“Version=” +
“&ShipmentID=1234” +
“&QueryID=YourQueryCode” +
“&Username=YourUsername” +
“&Password=YourPassword” +
“&TotalCarriers=1” +
“&CarrierCode1=USP” +
“&CarrierAccount1=” +…
But what i have learned from book is:client gets webservice api to use
from some website.So how do i follow those three steps to integrate the
They also have an exmaple on integration in other languages.I have put
it in the attachment.

What you have received is basically a API - information about how to
make the request (HTTP POST parameters) and how to interpret the result
(XML structure).

Take a look at the following URL on how to make the request from Ruby:

Information on how to parse XML can be found here:

Thank you for your remind.

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