About file source block

Hi everyone,

I want to ask a question about the file source block on GRC. It reads
the .bin files and takes them as input. But Should that .bin files be
in a fixed format. I mean is there a fixed format for this block to
read or does it reads any kind of .bin files.

I am trying to set a .bin file on matlab and trying to read and see
the output on GRC.

The file source reads binary data out of a file and writes it into a
gnuradio stream. So, if your data stream is floats, the file should be
filled with floats, as it would be in your computer’s memory.


Hi Josh,

Thanks for the answer. But my problem is not exactly about the subject
you answer. To make it clear i will simply specify my problem.

I set an array on matlab which includes non-integer values (like
0.001, -0.253, …) and form a binary file by using fopen, fwrite
commands then obtain a binary file (mehmet.bin). Then by using GRC
File Source Block i import this file and connect it to the Scope Sink.
For File Source Block ourput data type:Float, Repeat:Yes and Vector
Length:1 are chosen. At the and when i execute the system i see
nothing on the Scope. I want to see the array that i set on matlab.
This is my problem about File Source Block.


2010/9/16, Josh B. [email protected]: