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Hi, I have been working on C# from the past two and half years and as a
ruby enthusiast i would like to dig in to it to the extent possible for
me…as of know just a newbie and interested in knowing the best editor
to work with Ruby…
is it Netbeans? or Rad Rails? or may be some other editor…can any one
of you people please suggest me the best editor to work with…

thanks in advance!

The best editor is the one you like and know best. This is a lovely
question and I personally ask myself this q at least once a year.

I used to like netbeans (but it was slow and bulky, many years ago).
I used to like textpad (and still might but am trying to stay on linux).

Vim is excellent and has excellent code completion for ruby and other
(ruby) plugins, and can be configured to do anything you like, but
requires weeks of learning and modifying for most.

Kate is excellent editor, is very easy to start using and has nice code
completion, but is only available for KDE. Great for ruby.

JEdit is excellent cross platform code-tool, but isnt quite as fast and
stable as vim in my experience. Very nice plugins. Waiting for the pre
to hit stable version.

Scite is lightweight and clean and has code completion and ruby
compilation built in.

All free as in open source.


—Casimir P.

kittu T. kirjoitti:

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