About Baisc TX/RX power

I used to work with RFX 400 for wireless communication
Now, I have to change daughterboard to BasicTX/RX

And then, received signal is not much strong as RFX 400
It’s to weak
Other conditions are all same, except boards.

Are Basic TX/RX not appropriate testing wireless communication?

And if I MUST use this boards…

What maximum gain value can I set in USRP sink and source?

On 28/03/2011 4:29 AM, Songsong G. wrote:

What maximum gain value can I set in USRP sink and source?

Neither the BASIC_RX nor LF_RX include any gain elements. You can
usually use the BASIC_RX “naked” to pick up strong local AM and
HF stations, but you’ll usually need some gain/filtering in front
for anything non-local. The design goal for the BASIC_RX/TX was
to provide a simple interface to the “raw” ADC/DAC, with many people
using them to deal with the IF in an external radio. Although
many also use the BASIC_RX as an HF receiver, with only minimal
amounts of gain/filtering in front.

Similarly the BASIC_TX/LF_TX have no gain elements, and will only emit
somewhere in the neighborhood of 5dBm or less.

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