AAF and Location Filter

I am using Acts as Ferret and trying to filter my search results by
(doing a location-based search).

I came across a locationfilter on
http://blog.tourb.us/archives/ferret-and-location-based-searches ← this
blog post.

I don’t really know how to use this from within my model (where I’m

Help Please…?


For location based search (ActiveRecord Based), you might want to take
a look at http://geokit.rubyforge.org/. It’s so cool it supports more
than one algorithm to calculate proximity.

I haven’t tried to mix ActsAsFerret with Geokit. Would be interesting
to know what happens.


I’ve actually checked that plugin and it seems to be great.
But what I’m trying to achieve is pretty much explained on that blog
post →
http://blog.tourb.us/archives/ferret-and-location-based-searches .
A-la Google Maps.
I want to be able to search for a particular named location
(name/description - text search) within an X mile radius of a given
That’s why the filter for ferret :slight_smile: