A weird question

Just wanted to ask something about images…because I was trying out on
doing a live search…it works but the indicator picture has some
pictures showing up~

for example when i go to the index page and use the live search it gives
out the results and corresponding link for each. After I clicked on 1 of
the links i go to the corresponding page for it. Since i added my live
search on application.html.erb it is still available from this page. So
i tried to use it again while on this new page. It still works but the
indicator picture would not show up…only a question mark appears…

if i put all my images in “images/indicator.gif” it should be accessible
from everywhere right? then i can use it like say ?? why is it only appearing on the index page
=X ? any one have any insights on this? thanx! =D

ermm nevermind i think i know why =P