A weird problem with open-uri

Hi all,

I found a very weird problem/bug with open-uri today. In my application
I have this line:
html_file = open(@story.url)

It raises this Exception:
OpenURI::HTTPError - 404 Not Found

This is the url: jwak.net - This website is for sale! - jwak Resources and Information. . There’re no problems with
it. Moreover if I execute the same thing in the console (script/console)

  • it just works as expected. I start both - the server and the console
    in dev.mode .

When the “open” method is executed through the application it returns
this objects as response: (inside open-uri lib).

When I call open in the console the response insite open-uri lib is:

System spec:
Fedora 8
Rails 2.0.2
Ruby 1.8.6

I’ll appreciate any help about where the problem could be. 10x in

i guess just pass as static url and then see if it works…

if it does then the decl of @story.url is not proper…try to get the
value that ur getting in that variable and then checkout…

hope this helps…