A simple editable grid for Rails

Hi All,
I’ve been posting some queries about an editable grid but did not get
any response.

I’ve started writing my own -

I’d appreciate it very much if someone could comment on it!


I tried your code; the ajax update doesn’t seem to be working.

Though your idea is to have an in-line editable table, there are similar
plugins: take a look at http://activescaffold.com/

Perhaps most of your needed functionality can be found in that plugin.
the worst case, you’ll have a good starting point.

Xabriel J. Collazo-Mojica
CS PhD student
Florida International University

Thanks Zabriel … I guess the action mentioned in Ajax.Updater is not
defined … if you look at the latest code, it expects that URL to be
passed as well.

ActiveScaffold looks like what I might need…I’ll check it out.


I saw your post on the core list and looked at your code. Here are
some suggestions to improve your code:

  • You might want to adapt to the conventional directory structure of
    rails plugins.
  • Use the rails view helpers instead of manually concatenating
  • Use form_for and friends to simplify your update process
  • Add Unit tests

Concerning the API I would prefer

  • specifying which attributes to use instead of which not to use.
    This would also enable including virtual attributes.
  • supplying a :url option and falling back to REST conventions (This
    would come for free using form_for)

Hope these suggestions help you get on with your project.


Thank you very much Tim,
I am fairly new to Rails - I think I understand what you are referring
to in your suggestions - I’ll incorporate them.
In fact,I think form_for is what I need - I’ve been struggling to send
the update in a manner that can be sent to model.update_attributes …

But … would it be ok to assume that there isn’t something out there
already that does what I am trying to achieve?


I have not used extjs myself. It looks like it includes editable
girds. But some downsides come to mind:

  1. Depenency to large library to achieve simple thing.
  2. Rails Integration?
  3. Accessibility for users without JS enabled.

Probably your best bet is to look into the nested attributes
assignment functionality of form_for. This might not lead to a plug-in
solution but might be the simplest approach.


On 16 Okt., 08:27, Brijesh S. [email protected]


Why you r not try to use Extjs components…

take a look at http://www.extjs.com/products/extjs/

Brijesh S.