A simple chat in Ruby

Firstly, excuse for my english, i’m a french student.

I develop a chat in ruby with DRB/Rinda and i use tuplespace but i don’t
understand how the tuplespaces work.

I have a server :

while true

#on lit le tuple

messlu_Server = tuple_space.take([:message,nil])[1]
tuple_space.write [:message,messlu_Server]

#on dort 1 seconde

and a client:

who read the tuplescape with this line :

messlu = @ts.read([:message,nil])[1]

(I work with Glade 2 to build my program)

I have two questions :

How I can send more tuple in my tuplespace? Example : tuple_space.write
[:message,:id,messlu_Server,id] does not work

With my chat, messages are not synchronisez. client1 send a message, but
client2 does’nt receive the message and when client1 send an another
message, he read the last message. What’s the best solution…