A shout out to Michael Letterle (or, zliby saves the day)

Hi all,

For those of you who build Ruby on Windows manually, but suffered from
the inability to use rubygems because you couldn’t get zlib to build
properly, never fear!

Zliby 0.5 is here!

For reasons that are too pathetic to go into here, I recently had to
rebuild Ruby 1.8.6 from scratch using VC++ 8. This was fine, except
that it left me without zlib (and openssl, but that’s another topic).
Since rubygems requires zlib, this was problematic.

Solution? I installed Michael’s “zliby” library (renaming it to
zlib.rb). Worked like a champ. Installed a couple gems via “gem
install” without a hitch. The speed seemed fine, too.

Awesome work Michael.