A script that keeps track of your favorite Git/SVN projects?

Hi there,
Hasanybodyever written a script that keeps track of your favorite
Git(and SVN)projects? E.g. sends you an e-mail every time a revision
hasbeen made,with details like the summary, time and date, author

I’ve modified a few projects to my liking, somuchthat any change made to
the original would have to be addedmanually. Ialso think it would be a
great way to learn.

I can’timagineanything better than a neat little Ruby script stacked
insidemycrontab. I’m still a rookie though, otherwise I’d have made


i guess, but it’d be a lot simpler (not to mention cuter) to let a ruby
script just bring me the reports instead of me having to go fetch them
myself :slight_smile:

is anyone down to perhaps make one? i’m only so-so with ruby, but i can
design a hella fly project page? or some other stuff if somebody’s up
for a skill swap. i design big brands and skyscrapers for a living.


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From: Avery P. [email protected]
Date: Monday, March 24, 2008 12:47 pm
Subject: Re: A script that keeps track of your favorite Git/SVN
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