A rubykaigi summary to spare?

Hello all,
I read today that rubykaigi is over and some (all?) of the videos
already online. I checked the programme and it looked like it was one
awesome conference. However many presentations were in Japanese, a
language I can’t speak for the time being. Has anyone kept a blog/
summary of the presentations, or fancy doing one for a fellow rubyist?

(In particular I was interested in Matz’s keynote and Masahiro
Tanaka’s presentation on NArray and scientific Ruby… but I am sure
there’s a lot of interest around for many other presentations too).

Thank you


I’m from RubyKaigi Team.
Thank you for your interest in RubyKaigi !

Jake Scruggs has great posts about RubyKaigi in his blog:

Some of recorded talk is now on vimeo:

Matz’s keynote (in Japanese):

Masahiro Tanaka’s talk about NArray:

video(recorded in ustream.tv)

Glad I could be of some help.