A rough release schedule for 2.0.0


(Japanese follows after English; $B8e$m$KF|K\8l$,$"$j$^$9(B)

I’ve been admitted as a 2.0 release manager by matz. I’ll do my

As my first work, I’d like to announce a rough plan for 2.0
Anyone who is interested in 2.0, especially who is thinking
about feature proposal, should check it out.

  • Aug. 24 2012: big-feature freeze

    Decide to pass or fail of “big features”, and determine their
    rough spec.

    By this deadline, “big feature” proposers should summarize the
    discussion, conclude the rough spec, and should get matz’s
    approval. Otherwise, the proposal will be postponed.

    It is difficult to clearly define what is “big feature,” but
    a language feature (e.g., refinements and keyword arguments),
    a feature that seems to take some time to be stable (e.g.,
    GC-related features, Dtrace, etc.) would be considered “big.”
    For example, I think the features listed in [ruby-core:39810]
    are almost all “big.”

    Just adding a convenience method, extending an existing
    method feaure, etc., may be “small,” but I recommend you be
    conservative; the sooner you propose, the better.

  • Oct. 24 2012: feature freeze

    Decide to pass or fail of all features, and determine their
    detailed spec.

  • Feb. 02 2013: 2.0 release

    The 20th anniversary of the birth of Ruby.

In short, anybody who has a strong desire for 2.0, ought to
get matz’s approval by Aug. 24 2012.

If you have an opinion for this plan, I’m happy to listen.

I give advice to people thinking about feature proposal.
Matz has said the slogan of “100% compatible” for 2.0, since the
developer meeting of RubyKaigi 2010:


You may think the record is too simple to understand. I also

cannot understand. The only thing that I can surely remember

is that matz said “100% compatible.”

And in fact, matz disagrees a proposal to remove a feature.

I don’t know the precise definition and the important degree of
the slogan. But I recommend you propose your suggestion
depending on the slogan. It may be difficult to remove some
feature or to change the semantics so that affects existing code.
Of course, even such a proposal will be accepted if matz says


$B1sF#$O(B 2.0 $B%j%j!<%9%^%M!<%8%c$K$J$k$3$H$r$^$D$b$H$5$s$K>5G’$7$F(B

$B$^$:$O!“(B2.0 $B%j%j!<%9$K8~$1$?Bg;(GD$JM=Dj$r9pCN$7$^$9!#(B
2.0 $B$K6=L#$N$”$k?M!"FC$K5!G=Ds0F$r9M$($F$$$k?M$O8+$H$$$F$/$@$5$$!#(B

  • 2012/08/24: big-feature freeze

    “big feature” $B$N:NH]$r7h$a$F!"Bg$^$+$J;EMM$r7hDj$7$^$9!#(B

    $B$3$NDy$a@Z$j$^$G$K!“(B"big feature” $B$NDs0F<T$O5DO@$r$^$H$a$F!“(B

    $B2?$,(B “big feature” $B$+$rL@3N$KDj5A$9$k$3$H$OFq$7$$$G$9$,!"(B
    $B8@8l5!G=(B (refinements $B$d(B keyword arguments)
    $B;~4V$N$+$+$j$=$&$J5!G=(B (GC $B4X78$d(B Dtrace $B$J$I(B) $B$O(B
    “big” $B$H(B
    $B9M$($i$l$^$9!#Nc$($P!”(B[ruby-core:39810] $B$K5s$,$C$F$$$k5!G=$O(B
    $BBgBN(B “big” $B$@$H;W$$$^$9!#(B

    “small” $B$H9M$($i$l$k$+$bCN$l$^$;$s$,!“J]<iE*$K9M$($k$3$H$r(B

  • Oct. 24 2012: feature freeze


  • Feb. 02 2013: 2.0 release

    Ruby $B$N@8CB(B 20 $B<~G/$G$9!#(B

$B4JC1$K8@$&$H!“(B2.0 $B$KLnK>$rJz$$$F$$$k?M$O!”(B2012/08/24 $B$^$G$K(B


$B$^$D$b$H$5$s$O(B RubyKaigi 2010 $B$N3+H/<T2q5D0JMh!”(B2.0 $B$G(B “100%
$B8_49(B” $B$r%9%m!<%,%s$K7G$2$F$$$^$9!#(B



$B$^$;$s!#$^$D$b$H$5$s$,(B “100% $B8_49(B”


$B$”$j$^$9!#(B [ruby-core:40044]

$B$b$A$m$s$=$&$$$&Ds0F$G$b!”$^$D$b$H$5$s$,(B OK $B$H8@$($P(B OK

2011$BG/(B10$B7n(B24$BF|(B20:43 Yusuke E. [email protected]:

  • Feb. 02 2013: 2.0 release

Oops! I correct it as Feb. 24 2013. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Feb. 02 2013: 2.0 release

$B$5$C$=$/$9$$$^$;$s!"(B2013/02/24 $B$N4V0c$$$G$9!#(B


2011/10/25 “Martin J. Durst” [email protected]:

August 24th is in the middle of the holiday season. Is it a good idea to
have a milestone then?

I haven’t thought that. Thanks.

But in my experience, matz tends to reject (or ignore) proposals
immediately before a deadline.
So I guess there is no sense of changing it to business day.
I recommend you act ahead of schedule.

Let me know if I’m missing other considerations.

August 24th is in the middle of the holiday season. Is it a good idea to
have a milestone then?

Regards, Martin.