A quick introduction and some summaries

Hi all,

First off, sorry if these were discussed before, but I had no luck
finding usable information on what I’m about to ask.

At my company, we are thinking about developing our next web
application(s) with Ruby. We are hoping to switch to RoR altogether. I
will be managing the project, so I’m tasked with searching for options.
I’ve been reading about and trying things in Ruby for a few weeks now. I
know a wide range of programming languages, and the language is pretty
developer-friendly, meaning, so far so good. We will hopefully be
developing our project in RoR. I’ve been reading about RoR, too, and no
problems there either.

Except, when it comes to server installations / managing our own
servers, I’m pretty much at a loss. Wherever I look, I read about
Phusion Passenger, and I’ve been researching about it, too; and as far
as I can tell, Passenger is the industry standard when it comes to RoR
deployment. Ok, good, except, it seems to require re-compiling the web
server (Apache/NGINX) and it is not yet Ruby 2.1.0 ready. Correct me if
I’m wrong but I must have read like 15 different guides and trying for a
week now, and have failed numerous times in creating a working
Passenger-RoR installation.

So I checked to see if we can create a RoR installation without
Passenger. Haven’t seen any ways of doing that. If there are, they must
be at the 10th SRP or something.

Long story short:
Is there a way of creating a RoR environment without Passenger? Any
guides? (Ubuntu Server Edition preferred, but I don’t really mind having
any guides for any other Linux-based OS.)

Also, thinking Ruby 2.1.0 and Rails 4 versions, or should we stick with
lower versions for the moment?

Since this is the Ruby section of the forums, you might want to ask in
the Rails section instead:

As far as I know you should use the latest stable Rails, since it will
include security fixes; and using older versions will come with
unnecessary bugs and/or vulnerabilities.

Ruby 2.0+ should work fine with Passenger, what error messages are you

There are lots of ways of deploying a rails app without passenger.
‘rails nginx unicorn deployment’

Just a few bullet points for other things to consider:

  • passenger standalone
  • puma web server
  • thin web server

Unicorn was already mentioned. Using any of the above options, you could
reverse proxy from an existing front-end web server like
Apache/Nginx without recompiling I believe.