A quick ground up kit for Ruby on Rails

Guys, I am relatively very new to Ruby almost a veteran as an
automation engineer. Lately we have been using some open source tools
which my current employer mandated to use and we started.

Now in the middle of the project, we have hit various technical issues
which no one is aware of. Going deep into the tool revealed that it
was a subset of Ruby on Rails. Is there any short/crisp to the point
dummies series etc which I could go through for a quicker turn around

I’ve burnt my hands in almost all the scripting languages except Ruby,
and any help on this will be highly highly appreciated.

Abhinav Vaid

Well, the ‘standard’ rails book is “Agile Web D. With Ruby on
Rails” by David Thomas et al, which i believe has the third edition out

If you’ve never used Ruby then a good book is “Ruby For Rails” by David
A Black, a frequent contributor to this forum site. Some ruby knowledge
is invaluable as Rails has a lot of ‘magic’ (which as we all know has
its upsides and downsides) even if you DO know ruby well.

I wouldn’t bother with any ‘Dummies’ or similar books.

When you learn Rails, i’d STRONGLY recommend reading through sections of
the API rather than (or rather, as well as) just following tutorials.
Reading the docs for, say, ActiveRecord::Base after you’ve done a little
bit of rails stuff will make everything a lot clearer, especially if
you’re trying to understand someone else’s code. I usually use
www.railsbrain.com to answer my API questions.

Dear Williams,

its been close to 5 months since the day I received your
recommendations. Needless to say that the kind of impact a couple of
thoughtful crafted lines of inputs have made. As I write to you, the
project for which I had saught help stands completed. Never touched
Dummies and would never do so.

Another input by you on ActiveRecord::Base has entirely changed my
perspective in the manner in which I have been implementing projects.
One thoughtful reply can bring a lifetime change in which the projects
are implelemted eventually impacting millions of customers.

I owe you/as well as others who are taking initiatives to make the
difference of contibuting towards the community. My sincere thanks to

On Jul 8, 7:23 pm, Max W. [email protected]