A question about QAM implementation in GNURadio


Hello, everyone!

We are doing some experiments on multirate transmission via USRP. As we
all know, using different modulation schemes is the crucial part for
this research. In our GUNRadio, QAM modulator is already there, but I
don’t understand why its demolator part is empty. Is there any problem
in implementing QAM demodulator in GNURadio? If there is, what kind of
problems are they? I would like to fix those problems and implement QAM
demodulator. Thanks a lot!!!



Hi, Yufeng

I am sorry for late reply. Unfortunately, I have not found it yet.




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Hi, Bill,

I am also doing a SDR related project using QAM modulation with
GNURadio and USRP. I also noticed that the demodulation part of QAM is
missing, have you found the demodulation part in GNU Radio yet?

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