A problem with digital-ber/benchmark.rx

Hi all,
I am working on BER measurement. I’m using benchmark_tx and benchmark
_rx in digital-ber folder. At the transmitter part i used 2.4MHz and
things set up as default. More info as follow:

gr_fir_ccf:using SSE
Modulation: 250k bits/sec
TX IF rate: 500k samples/sec
USRP interpolation: 256
DAC amplitude: 2000
Center frequency: 2.4G
TX d’board:B: FLEX 2400 Tx

At the receiver part:
USRP decimation rate 8
Center frequency: 2.4G
RX d’board: A: DBS Rx
IF sample rate: 8M
Symbol rate: 250k
Samples/symbol: 32
RRC bandwidth: 0.35

gr_fir_ccf: using SSE
Costas alpha: 0.05
Costas beta: 0.00025
Costas max: 0.05
MM gain mu: 0.001
MM gain omega: 1e-06
MM omega limit: 0.0001

*** SNR estimator is inaccurate below about 7dB
*** BER estimator is inaccurate above about 10%

Now is my prob: 1. my USRP overrun all the time durning the measurement
which means i received some “uO” at the beginning part, such as:
uOuOuOuOuOFreq. Offset: -17279 Hz Timing Offset: -0.4 ppm Estimated
6.6 dB BER: 0.0362216
and of course as u c the SNR always below 6.6dB which means the
would be inaccurate. So i reset up the transmit amplitude, then SNR
over 7dB. However, the BER still around 0.06. So whats the prob?

  1. I found that even i did not run the transmit part, i still got 5.5dB
    and 17% BER, I donno how that happened. Does it make any sense?

I’m just a beginner on gnuradio and USRP , so Anyone could help me with
thx all.

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