A portable Build of GNU Radio 3.4 to test


I have looked into the GNU Radio installation process a lot. Since I
see us facing dependency hell, I created a portable build (for any
Linux 2.6, x64 system). This is not distribution specific.

It’s based on a Stanford research project named CDE (Code, Data, and
Environment). It works as a cross-Linux way to distribute software by
implementing a lightweight virtualization (ptrace redirect). There’s a
nice short video at http://www.stanford.edu/~pgbovine/cde.html

In order to test this I uploaded a CDE build of GNU Radio 3.4.0, GCC
x86_64 build, UHD_003.002.002-e033fc3 (host utilities). I ran some
FFTs, Filters and Demodulation Blocks. Works fine here.

Download: http://crazylazy.info/cde/gnuradio_cde.7z
40876ecb5e9180cbc08e361139a8c551 gnuradio_cde.7z

If you find any files missing, please mention it. Since this is new to
me I have no experience whether this works for real with other
people’s system , different distributions etc. You can easily add your
libs by running the cde binary and let it output into the unpacked
folder. The only dependency here is Linux 2.6 and an x86_64