A number (id?) is added after css/js tags like style.css?115


My Ror setup works… but I can’t guess why

<%= stylesheet_link_tag ‘style’ , :media=> ‘screen’%>

is rended as

What is that number… any usage ??

Or I misconfigured something ?


this number (unix timestamp) is added to the javascript and stylesheet
links in development mode so that your browser is forced to reload the
files it would normally have cached.

On 27 Jul 2006, at 16:24, Mathieu C. wrote:

What is that number… any usage ??

Yes, it’s the modification date of the file. It prevents browsers
from using a cached version if your css file is changed, but as long
as you don’t change it, the number at the end will stay the same and
the browser will use the locally cached version.

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Wow, another fine Railtie.

Thanks for your answers…