A new repository for Net::SSH

I use Net::SSH quite extensively so I was concerned about the future
of the project when Jamis B. announced his departure from the
project back in February. I really appreciate the time Jamis has put
in to Net::SSH and I want to make sure the library continues to be
maintained so I created a new repository at GitHub and will fill the
role of interim maintainer:

I have a hunch there are other developers out there who are willing
and able to make contributions to the project. My intent is simply to
help organize that effort. I plan to apply pull requests and patches
but I do not plan to continue feature development myself at this time.
For those interested in contributing, I’m happily accepting patches,
pull requests, and even suggestions for minor changes. You can email
me at removed_email[email protected]. If this is successful and/or helpful to
the community, I’ll fork over Net::SCP and the rest of the crew as

A final note: I am not a security professional so if anyone has
experience in this area and is interested in reviewing changes before
they’re pulled into the repo please contact me.

More info here: http://solutious.com/blog/2009/06/19/net-ssh-repository/