A new, minimal Sphinx gem for Rails

Howdy all,

I wanted to share this blog post we just published at Harvest:

If any of you are doing work involving clusters of Sphinx servers or
with Sphinx under Rails 3, we think this gem is a pretty great fit. The
approach is to use ERB templating to configure Sphinx instead of a DSL.
You need to learn the Sphinx configuration syntax, but you get a really
flexible solution in exchange.

We also support SphinxQL in this gem:


It’s very minimal support, just a wrapper around Mysql2. I looked at
creating an ARel wrapper, but SphinxQL itself ended up being a bit buggy
about quotes and escaping values so we moved away from SphinxQL for now.

The gem is published at rubygems and you can find the code at Github:

Give it a look and let me know what you think. Thanks,


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