A new database access framework for any Ruby (Iron or J)

I would like to introduce my new exciting research in TUDBC (Truly
Unified Database Connectivity) to you, which brings both high
performance and high productivity to database access. Currently, it

  • Several programming languages with the same unified coding style,
  1. C# (also other .NET compliant languages, such as VB.NET and J#).
  2. Java.
  3. PHP (including three flavors: original PHP, Phalanger with ADO.NET
    and Quercus with JDBC).
  4. Ruby (including three flavors: original Ruby, IronRuby with ADO.NET,
    and JRuby with JDBC).
    There is plan to expand to other programming languages, including C,
    C++, Perl, Python, etc.
  • All major DBMSes: Access, DB2, Derby, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, plus
    text CSV and Excel spreadsheets.

Even though TUDBC works for multiple platforms, the performance is not
sacrificed because it is using a new paradigm and caching technique.
Performance comparison shows that it is close-to-the-best and the best
in various settings.

On the website (http://www.tudbc.org), you will find interactive live
demos and source codes for all languages. There are also videos of demos
and tutorials, including one that shows you how you can use TUDBC to
create a simple web application in 2 minutes.

Please share this great news with your friends and colleagues.