A lot of extensions!

Hi all!

Truly a great compliment to the developers and the community for all
the material available online!

Radiant looks like what I’m looking for, but there are many, many
extensions and I would like some help choosing what to install and
above all in that order. If I understand it there are issues of
priorities among them, and tied to last version change from 0.8 to

In particular I need to
1 - create groups of users that can only administer the site branches
2 - sub-admin users can
2.1-change the order of presentation of content pages acting only with
buttons and drag and drop
2.2-enable publishing
3 - editor users can
3.1-add content to pages with an editor like fckeditor
3.2-add images or multimedia content on their pages
4 - have a multilingual site
5 - integrate with LDAP authentication system (not essential, but for
the future)

I found looking



a lot of extensions which to choose in what order to use and which
version of radiant use to not have compatibility problems (thanks to
Cristi Duma and Istvan Hoka for the excellent documentation) ?
What do you think?

any help or suggestion is really appreciated


Have you found http://ext.radiantcms.org yet? This is a super
helpful collection of extensions. I know that I have read that a few
extensions need to be installed before others but in practice I’ve
never had any problem with not doing it in the prescribed order.
Good luck with Radiant—I hope you like it as much as all of us.