A little VIM plugin for GNU Radio dev

Hi there,

in case there’s more people that use VIM for coding, you might be
interested in this plugin:

It makes editing out-of-tree modules with VIM much easier. Probably
comprehensive list (for now):

  • :set path for all relevent include paths, probably most importantly,
    this will allow you to ‘gf’ on any include, and compiler errors are
    resolved correctly, too (i.e. if ‘:cn’ would jump to an include, now
    VIM knows where that is).
  • ‘makeprg’ is configured such that you can call ‘make’ or ‘make test’
    on any file and it should do the right thing (i.e. run make in the
    build dir)
  • If you’re using Syntastic for syntax checking, it will make sure that
    gcc gets told where to look (otherwise, Syntastic stops after the
    first #include <gr_io_signature.h> or whatever)

In order for this to work, you’ll need an up-to-date gr_modtool.py from
GitHub - mbr0wn/gr-modtool: Keeping this repo, for now, for archeaological purposes.. Both the master and format37
branches will do.


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