A little syntax help, please


Can someone point out to me, please, how I can group a bunch of pages in
a location block, so they all get the same treatment? Let’s say I have
‘/somePage.htm’, ‘/anotherPage.htm’, and ‘/yetAnotherPage.htm’. I
thought the following would work, but it doesn’t. Am I close? TIA

    location /(somePage|anotherPage|yetAnotherPage).htm) {
        include /etc/nginx/admin.conf;


what you want are regex locations, see


Almir K. wrote:

   location /(somePage|anotherPage|yetAnotherPage).htm) {
       include /etc/nginx/admin.conf;

Hmm, that was actually my attempt at using a regex location. I amended
it to the following, still without luck:

location ~/(somePage|anotherPage|yetAnotherPage).htm)${
include /etc/nginx/admin.conf;

I’m hoping someone can point out the error of my ways.


John M. wrote:

Well, as ever the problem was simpler than I thought, and I was looking
in the wrong place. I had an extra closing parenthesis on the end.
Removing that sorted my problem.