A helper software to tune your antenna

HI All,

For those interested:

A windows software is available for tuning your parabolic- or offset
dish feed from 1 GHz to →
It creates a NEC (Numerical Electromagnetics Code) model of your antenna
so you can verify it (or get started)

The (win + src) software is available from
The latest, February release is called antenna-1st-aid-2012-02.

NOTICE: It is called Antenna-1st-aid. Tons of real-world tests needed,
but it will give you a clue…

A youtube 4NEC2 model simulation at 8.2 GHz when moving a horn from the
aperture down

This software should be used only as a guide. Tweak it using NEC and
then in real world.
Next version will be (Qt) at github.

Have fun,