A general implementation question

I have the models ServiceDesk and Problem .A servicedesk can be
related to other service desk and problems .Similarly a problem can be
related to other problem and servicedesks .At the first stage when
doing service desk module I solved the servicedesk related records with
the table
service_desk_related records with fields
service_desk_id | integer |
related_record_id | integer |
related_record_model | character varying(80) | default
NULL::character varying
related_record_association_type_id | integer |

 For example

1 12 Problem 4
2 15 ServiceDesk 3
So now I have problem module started…So my question
is shud i create a table name problem_related_records as of fields above
or is there any other easy solution for this

Thanks in advance

On 25 Aug 2008, at 11:57, Sijo Kg wrote:

service_desk_id | integer |
or is there any other easy solution for this

Seems like you’ve reinvented polymorphic associations :slight_smile:


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