A couple of questions for you

Greetings all,

I recently began using GnuRadio and GRC, and I have some doubt that hope
you can explain.

  1. It is possible to modify the QT or WX GUI by adding some pushbutton.
    I know that I can add sliders, static text… but not a pushbutton. It
    would be great if I could add it where there are the others in WX (below
    ‘Autoscale’ and ‘Stop/Run’) or if I could modify the properties of one
    of the existing.

  2. It is possible to create a new block or to modify an existing one and
    adding it to a module already present (for example, it is possible to
    modify the block ‘File Source’ that is already present in the module
    ‘File Operators’)? If so, how can I compile? Because the build directory
    is not present, I have to add it and then use cmake or is there an other
    way to operate in this case?

  3. I noticed that I am not the only one facing this error, I would like
    to know if is it has been resolved in some way: when I add a new python
    block in my OOT module, I always get an error when I try to use it even
    if I did not had any error while compiling by terminal; the error is the
    AttributeError:‘module’ object has not attribute ‘MYBLOCKNAME’
    If it can help I create the first block in my OOT module using C++

Thanks in advance