A Control Panel for Nginx?



I am using Ubuntu 8.04 Server on a hosted server.
I am also using Nginx as the webserver in the server.

Now i am migrating some 120 domains which is hosted on another machine
having Apache to this server on nginx.

So, is there any control panel like Webmin, etc. that is both open
and provides support for Nginx ?
It would greatly simplify the task, if theres one such !


Webmin works with nginx. I’m using it now :wink:

On Sat, Feb 14, 2009 at 12:20 AM, Vishnu Kumar D R

How did u configure that?
Is there a seperate module for it?
Can i download it?


Hi, There is no module for it.

Something I should have mentioned “my bad” I have webmin + nginx on a
server. My main server is running Plesk and Nginx. I’m in the process of
moving everything over to the test server though but have yet to put a
single domain on it. Its just accessible via ip.

But webmin + nginx works fine like that. To extend it to use domains
install the BINDDNSServer http://doxfer.com/Webmin/BINDDNSServer. I
yet to use that via webmin but the setup looks pretty straight forward.

I actually just did a fresh fedora 9 install then installed the webmin
from their site. Then on the left hand menu choose Unused Modules and
install the necessary items, php, mysql, binddns server ect. Then I
installed nginx, tossed a cfg in, started up the php-fcgi’s nginx and
and blam it was working based off ip. So adding a domain and custom
should be pretty simple. I do have apache installed but it does not
autostart or need to run for webmin. And I’ve never used it with ubuntu,
only centos5 and fedora 8,9 and 10. It actually has a slick built in yum
updater/installer via the webmin panel. May work with apt-get too but

After re-reading your 1st email I think you were looking for somthing
with a
gui to write data to the nginx cfg. Webmin does not do that. I just
paste in
a new block per domain, then customize it per its requirements and root

Someone at the direct admin forums got direct admin working in the manor
think your looking for.

It looks like its a cfg parsor. Thus servers added via the Direct admin
panel would be added to the httpd.conf then parsed by his custom setup
automaticly added to the nginx.conf. It looks pretty slick and depending
your host many give direct admin as a free addon.

Anyway good luck.

On Sat, Feb 14, 2009 at 12:45 AM, Vishnu Kumar D R

Webmin/Virtualmin control panel for Nginx

bvidinli Wrote:

(note that this is a testing version, may contain

nginx mailing list
[email protected]
nginx Info Page

nginx mailing list
[email protected]
nginx Info Page

Support as reverse proxy to apache or with php fastcgi using php-fpm ?
Also will it support rewrite rules on the fly ? I mean automatically
convert htaccess rules within ehcp.

Posted at Nginx Forum:

ehcp will support two modes:

  • only apache + php
  • only nginx + php-fpm (not through a proxy)
    will be able to switch between two modes easily, for beginners and who
    wants to experiment.

converting .htaccess to nginx rewrite rules is not supported now,
maybe in future.
nginx rewrite rules will be written to config files through webbased
panel interface.

I hope to release it in a few weeks.
the new testing can be downloaded from www.ehcp.net/ehcp_yeni.tgz

ehcp (Easy Hosting Control Panel) is going to support nginx as a
webserver, directly inside it.
it is being tested.
you may also test it using http://ehcp.net/ehcp_yeni.tgz
download and start install.sh
it will install panel, nginx and all hosting related files.
(note that this is a testing version, may contain bugs.)

Vi Ktor Wrote:

Is there an update on this project?


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